It is the goal of Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation to grow the charitable assets given to strengthen the communities we serve in southeastern Illinois. As the asset base grows, so does the challenge of effective management and oversight of those invested assets. We are pleased to introduce the following firms who, as our fiduciary partners, provide exceptional consultation to our organization:

First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust, CHBW and Gilbert Metzger & Madigan. Each organization plays a unique role in our ability to deliver quality investment management and financial oversight to the donors we serve.

First Mid-Illinois Bank and Trust has been a trusted partner of the Community Foundation since 1980. In addition to acting as primary investment advisor, First Mid conducts all of the day-to-day account transactions for assets held in the short-term, conservative and long-term investment pools.

Jason Wade, CPA of Condon, Hecht, Bisher, Wade & Co., P.C. became a partner in January 2016. Jason oversees the accounting functions of Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation and assists with audit preparations. The Community Foundation made the decision to partner with CHBW based on their accounting experience with community foundations throughout the Midwest. Condon, Hecht, Bisher, Wade & Co., P.C. is a full-service accounting firm serving clients in many areas and walks of life, dedicated to providing their clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of tax, financial, and business needs. The firm is located in Hillsdale, Michigan.

Gilbert Metzger & Madigan was established in 1995, and the partners, Michael Metzger, Joyce Madigan and Kelsey Swing combined, have provided over 85 years of professional service to their diverse client base. Their role in reviewing the financial reporting of the Community Foundation provides the highest level of assurance that its assets are managed and reported according to donor restrictions. The firm of Gilbert Metzger & Madigan conducts an audit of the Community Foundation’s financial statements on an annual basis.