About Our Affiliate Foundations

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation provides a philanthropic regional infrastructure to help meet diverse needs in communities throughout our 12-county service area. One way the Community Foundation has achieved this goal is through the development of affiliate foundations.

What is an Affiliate of Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation?

An affiliate foundation serves a specific geographical area such as a county or a city and operates under the fiscal management and guidance of a lead community foundation. Affiliate foundations appoint local volunteer advisory boards, made up of community leaders who focus on serving the unique needs of the community and emphasize local decision-making, asset development, and grantmaking.

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation is proud to be the lead Community Foundation to the following Affiliate Foundations in Southeastern Illinois:

  • Effingham County Community Foundation (established in 1999)
  • Mattoon Area Community Foundation (established in 1980)
  • Jasper County Community Foundation (established in 2013)
  • Crawford County Community Foundation (established in 2015)

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate of Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation:

  • Nonprofit status
  • Local control
  • Financial and administrative services
  • National Standards
  • Peer learning network
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Website management
  • Training and technical assistance
  • Gift planning assistance
  • Lower cost for management of invested assets
  • Rural giving circles

Supporting Rural Philanthropy

Through its network of affiliate foundations, Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation is working to address the unique set of challenges faced by rural communities in the area. By supporting the affiliate advisory boards in their effort to build endowments and increase strategic grantmaking in their area, the Community Foundation is taking steps to realize its vision of a stronger future for our region.

For additional information on becoming an affiliate of Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation call us at 217.342.5413 or email Joedy Hightower, President and CEO, at joedy@enrichingourcommunity.org.