Charitable IRA Rollover

Give more to charity. Pay less in taxes.

The Charitable IRA Rollover provision was permanently extended in 2015. This law allows an individual who is 70½ or older to gift up to $100,000 from his or her IRA directly to a qualified charity, such as Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation or for the benefit of one of its funds, without having to recognize the IRA distribution in taxable income.

How it Works:

• The law allows those age 70½ and older to transfer up to $100,000 from an IRA to charity – tax free. If married, each spouse can transfer up to $100,000 from his or her IRA.
• The gift must be made directly from the custodian of your IRA to Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation for the benefit of your community’s or organization’s fund.
• Your tax-free rollover gift will be excluded from your gross income.
• Your gift can count toward your required minimum distribution.
• Gifts to life income plans, donor-advised funds, supporting organizations and most private foundations do not qualify.

We would be happy to discuss this charitable giving opportunity with you. Please contact Amanda Lessley, Development Officer, at 217.342.5409 or