Create a legacy and inspire the next

generation of philanthropists.

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation established the Legacy Society to recognize those individuals who are planning gifts today that will provide significant benefits to our community in the future. These gifts may take the form of bequests, charitable remainder trusts, gifts of life insurance, or other charitable planned gifts. Our community is already the beneficiary of many gifts entrusted to the Community Foundation by generous people. Sometimes such gifts go unrecognized because they come at the end of the donor’s life. The Legacy Society provides a way for the Community Foundation to recognize and thank donors during their lifetimes, and to design plans for funds that result from such gifts.

How do I become a member?

You are already eligible for membership in the Legacy Society if you have made arrangements in your will or through some other form of deferred giving, for a gift to Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation or one of its funds. Simply contact our office to notify us of your plans.You may tailor your charitable gift to fit your personal situation. Your current or future gifts of cash, securities, real estate or other resources can help our community and initiate your membership in the Legacy Society. Once we know your intentions, we can assist you in making more precise arrangements for how the Community Foundation will use your gift. We would be happy to work with you and your professional advisor to structure a gift that provides broad support, focuses on a particular field of interest (such as education, the arts, etc.) or is designated in a way you specify. Please contact us to discuss the various planned giving options available to you.

Legacy Society Members

Bill & Jacquelyn Anderson* • Roma Jackson* • David Janssen • Carl H. Lebovitz*
Tim Niebrugge* • Nicholas Fioriollo* • Florence Parker* • Roy Robson*
Bernice H. Schlepp* • Jay Markwell • Anonymous
(* denotes deceased)

When you’re ready, simply notify us of your intentions. We will work with you and your professional advisors to ensure that your wishes are honored. You can direct a future gift to create a new fund or support an existing one.