A fund for every type of


Establishing a fund with Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation means you want to see the community you love grow and prosper. It means you want to invest in your community in a way that makes a significant impact and creates a better quality of life today and for generations to come. There are several types of flexible giving options that can be tailored to fit your philanthropic goals. We will work with you and your professional advisor to develop planned giving options that will enable you to leave a legacy to the community you love -- forever.

Designated Funds allow donors to select a specific organization or group of organizations to receive long-term support. The designated recipients receive regular distributions from the fund. Distributions are restricted to a public charity that was named by the donor at the time the contribution was made to the Community Foundation.

Donor-Advised Funds allow donors to work actively with the Community Foundation in selecting charitable recipients. Donors, or their representatives, recommend grants or distributions.

Unrestricted Community Funds provides a vehicle for community volunteers to develop assets to support any community issue or sector as determined by that community. This is the Community Foundation's most responsive tool to address the changing needs in each community.

Field of Interest Funds are established by donors who wish to contribute to a cause or an area of concern but do not want to designate a particular organization. As the needs of the community change, the fund's purpose is flexible to meet those needs. The Community Foundation manages the grant application and selection process based on the established criteria identified by the donor.

Scholarship Funds are established by a donor to help a group of students at a particular educational institution or in a particular field of study pay a part or all of their education. The donor can be involved in establishing the selection criteria for the recipients and the selection is made by the Community Foundation or by a committee that includes the donor.

Fiscal Sponsorship Funds are established between Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation and a community group that is not incorporated and lacks its own tax-exempt status but is interested in soliciting donations from others as well as seeking grants for on-going programs. Under this arrangement, a tax-deductible contribution can be given using the Community Foundation's exempt status. The Community Foundation then agrees to accept and be responsible for donations on the group's behalf.

Pass-Through Funds are similar to Fiscal Sponsorship Funds. Pass-Through Funds provide tax-exempt status for short-term community projects. All contributions to a Pass-Through Fund may be drawn down by the beneficiary in accordance with the terms of the fund.

Agency Endowment Funds are a type of “charitable savings account” to provide important ongoing support for the operation of a nonprofit organization, now and for generations to come. Agency Endowment Funds are indicators that the agency’s leadership is planning for the future.

Corporate Philanthropy Funds are a tool used by companies to support the causes they care about. To be more effective with their giving, many companies are establishing corporate foundations. These foundations organize, focus, track and publicize the company's philanthropic efforts. A corporation can establish a corporate foundation through a new legal entity, such as a public or private foundation, or by working with an existing public charity, such as a community foundation to carry out their philanthropic work.

A Giving Circle is a form of participatory philanthropy in which groups of individuals donate their money or time to a pooled fund and decide together on the charity or community projects they wish to fund. In doing so, they seek to increase their awareness of and engagement in the issues addressed by the charity or community project. Whether informal or well-organized, giving circles allow donors to pool their contributions and achieve the greatest impact.

The Operating Fund is the engine that keeps the Community Foundation going. In addition to supporting day-to-day operations, donors are helping the Community Foundation grow faster to help improve the quality of life for all of southeastern Illinois.

Retained Gifts of Farm Ground -- Rather than liquidating assets like other charities usually do with gifts of real estate, our farmland giving program, “Fields of Opportunity,” allows the Community Foundation to receive gifts of farmland and maintain ownership of the land indefinitely. Retaining local ownership of farmland means wealth generated stays with local tenants, circulating throughout the community.