Upcoming Events

  • Strategic Communications II

    Strategic Communications II

    This is a two-part workshop that focuses on effective strategies for communicating to the publics as well as internally within an organization.

  • Events that Raise Money

    Events that Raise Money

    Participants will learn about other vehicles to raise money for their organization.

  • Storytelling


    Making a compelling connection drives everything we do in the non-profit world. What is the way to make that connection? Tell your best story.

  • Volunteer Management 101

    Volunteer Management 101

    Managing volunteers can be very different than managing paid staff; however, one thing remains the same – they are professionals and should be treated as such.

  • Volunteer Management 201

    Volunteer Management 201

    This session will serve as a continuation of Volunteer Management 101.

  • Social Media 101

    Social Media 101

    If you’ve been wanting to launch social media for your organization and not sure where to begin, you’ll want to attend this event.

  • Social Media 201

    Social Media 201

    Dive deeper into social media by learning the more advanced techniques to help your organization tell your story, engage volunteers, and increase donations.

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