TuesdayTue, Oct 24, 20171:00 PM
Dieterich Bank Corporate Center300 Sur Woods Drive, Effingham ILGet Directions

Grant Writing 201

Imagine a grant officer sitting in front of the stack of proposals she received today. How do you ensure that she forwards your proposal on for review? Imagine a grant reader who has two days to review a dozen grant proposals. How do you increase your chances that he will read past your executive summary? Imagine several organizations similar to yours submitting proposals similar to yours. How do you make your proposal stand out from the rest? Although there are no guarantees to securing grants, there are many strategies you can use to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

This session can serve either as a follow-up to the Grant Writing 101 session or as a stand-alone session.

Cost: $25 ($15 for Forefront members)

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