TuesdayTue, Feb 20, 20181:00 PM
Dieterich Bank Corporate Center300 Sur Woods Drive, Effingham IL Get Directions


Making a compelling connection drives everything we do in the non-profit world. What is the way to make that connection? Tell your best story. We’ll teach you how to take your organization’s main mission or message and create a compelling connection to others that makes them understand the urgency of what you’re trying to do and want to get up out of their seat and partner with you. Storytelling connects the dots and shows the emerging patterns that make your non-profit successful. Not only will we teach you the most effective way to tell your story, we’ll teach you the metrics on how to make sure the story you’re telling is successful. Learn the value of soft data and customer engagement while humanizing your mission and inspiring others to action.

Cost: $25 ($15 for Forefront members)

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