Central Illinois Rural Teacher Corps Fund

Rural Teacher Corps support our current and future pipeline of quality teachers for schools in southeastern Illinois. An unprecedented teacher shortage is on the horizon, especially in the STEM and special needs areas. Public school systems are why many small towns exist. Families will not relocate to small communities unless they believe public school systems are strong.

The purpose of the fund is to support future and new rural teachers in southeastern Illinois, especially those who participate in a Rural Teacher Corps in high school, community college, or EIU.

The Rural Teacher Corps prepares future rural teachers who:

  • Have a strong sense of place, mission, and rural identity
  • Have a more comprehensive understanding of rural “issues,” including economic-, environmental-, and justice-related;
  • Are savvy communicators, networkers, and users of new media;
  • Recognize the imperative to and value of collaboration—within a school, across the community, and between diverse rural regions;
  • Are perceived as community leaders and catalysts for change