Eagle for Life School Improvement Fund

The Eagle for Life Foundation was founded by Mitch Bierman and created for improvement of Jasper County Community Unit School District 1 facilities. The Foundation is comprised of two funds: the Eagle for Life Endowment and Eagle for Life School Improvement Fund. 

Eagle for Life School Improvement Fund is a spendable fund. Its purpose is to target and fundraise for specific projects and immediate needs. School district representatives will provide a “wish list” of school improvement projects to the Eagle for Life Fund Advisory Committee annually. The Fund Advisory Committee will review “wish list” projects, select annual projects and fundraise. The Fund Advisory Committee will consist of 

  • Three current CEO students (appointed by the Jasper CEO facilitator)
  • The founder or a CEO alumni representative
  • Nine community members (appointed by the officers)

The Fund Advisory Comittee shall get an annual “wish list” from school district officials regarding which projects to consider for funding. The Committee will consider a maximum of 10 projects each year from designated school district representatives. Projects from all school facilities will be considered. A project should regard an “enhancement of a school facility” in which an addition/and or improvement to the facility is being proposed. The projects should consist of a proposed budget along with reasoning and logistics for why that project should be selected.

The Eagle for Life School Improvement Fund is managed by the following fund advisory committee members: Mitch Bierman, June Bierman, Kyle Klier, Ed Kocher, Anthony Richards, Todd Short, Amy Tarr, Lora Short, Dravin Zuber, Alan Rauch and Josie Angel.

2018 Project: Improvements at Newton Elementary School -- Complete!


We're raising $15,000 to replace the gymnasium sound system and purchase new playground equipment at the Newton Elementary School. Download our flyer to learn more!

2017 Project: New mats for the NCHS Gymnasium -- Complete! 


The new mats were dedicated on December 15, 2017 at a Newton Eagle basketball game. Dedicating the mats were Eagle for Life board members (pictured above, left to right) Anthony Richards, Todd Short, Mitch Bierman, Beth Probst (NCHS Principal), Amy Tarr, June Bierman and Ed Kocher.

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