Effingham Scholarship Preschool Program Fund

Effingham Scholarship Preschool Program Fund

The Effingham Scholarship Preschool Program (also known as “Effingham Preschool for All”) provides scholarship opportunities for low socio-economic students who may not otherwise be able to attend preschool. This scholarship program was established due to a growing concern over the number of students who are entering kindergarten without a preschool education, which can potentially hinder their progress in school. The program serves those students whose parents have applied to Head Start, but are ineligible. These parents are then encouraged to apply for this scholarship and if accepted, the program with cover the cost of that child’s preschool tuition. “We want every kid to have a solid beginning…We wanted to do anything we could do to help kids start school feeling better about themselves,” explained Debbie Owen, who retired as Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction at Unit 40. Owen serves on the advisory committee with Janette Bledsoe, Dr. Colleen Bingham, Jennifer Fox, Connie Jerden, Carla Kaufman, Angie Kronewitter, Dennis Shiley and Chris Simcox.

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  • Preschool scholarship program creates opportunities for young learners

    Preschool scholarship program creates opportunities for young learners

    It is the mission of Effingham Preschool for All to provide the opportunity for children ages 3 to 5 to attend preschool so that no child within the Effingham Unit #40 School District enters kindergarten without first having at least one year of preschool experience.

  • Making Preschool Possible

    A quarter of children starting kindergarten in Effingham have no preschool experience. Studies say this lack of prior school experience is a disadvantage, but a group of community members intend to change that.