Lake Sara Forever Fund

Lake Sara Beach is undergoing a transformation with the help of private financial support through the Lake Sara Forever Fund. The fund was established with the Community Foundation in 2008 as a way to privately support public projects together with the Effingham Water Authority. Since its inception, the Lake Sara Forever Fund has contributed more than $310,000 to the Effingham Water Authority for a shoreline restoration project as well as the purchase of beach property in 2017. The next project is the multiphase beautification of the Lake Sara Beach for public recreational use.

“The goal is to get it back so that the community can enjoy the beach and the property around it the way it was enjoyed before,” says Tom Ryan, co-chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee and member of the Lake Sara Forever Fund Advisory Committee.

Opened to the public in the 1960s, the Lake Sara Beach was a hotspot for recreation. Although times have changed and interest has wavered, the benefits of the beach have never disappeared – they’ve just been hidden for a while. Now, with the developments in progress, the community is stepping up to restore this piece of Effingham history to its former glory. As the Fund Advisory Committee continues to seek support for this project, the Community Foundation will remain an important partner in making this project a reality.