The Limitless Fund provides financial assistance to the families of Meraki Health for their services received through the Limitless Therapeutic Day Program and outpatient services offered by our team of clinicians. Contributions to the Limitless Fund directly assist families and clients with the out-of-pocket expenses associated with their care plan, including the tuition related to Limitless. The Limitless Fund is non-discriminatory and makes all funds available to our families and clients solely based on necessity as determined through a widely accepted and practiced income-based qualification program.

Through the Limitless therapeutic Day Program, Meraki Health brings functional education to children who benefit from hands-on-experiential learning in a language-rich, emotionally supportive environment. School-aged children receive an individualized plan of care developed by our multidisciplinary team of clinicians and approved by their primary care provider. Children at Limitless are supported individually by therapy technicians throughout the day, while engaged in group activities led by an education facilitator. Clinicians specializing in speech and language, social-emotional, sensory-motor, cognitive, and feeding weave their services into the program through a collaborative approach involving parent coaching and education, promoting integration and carry-over into the home environment.

To learn more about Meraki Health's commitment to our community and the services provided, please visit or call our office at 618-783-7529.