Mattoon Area CommunityWorks Endowment

Permanent endowment established to benefit child care, workforce development and land use/protection issues in the Mattoon and Effingham region.

The Communityworks Fund grants to three main areas: childcare, workforce development, and land use and protection based on the belief that by improving these areas, we can directly impact the quality of life in our community. Within each area, we have identified topics to focus on:

Workforce Development

  • Job retention and career advancement
  • Job creation, including entrepreneurial efforts
  • Access/transportation options to jobs

Land Use and Protection

  • Protection and restoration of natural lands and waterways
  • Implementation of regional growth management and land use strategies that promote economic vitality and environmental health
  • Expansion/connection of preserved natural lands
  • Development of clean renewable energy and prevention of pollution
  • Education of the public in above issues

Early Childhood Care and Education

  • Increasing access to quality, affordable childcare and early childhood education options for working families
  • Expanding availability of quality childcare facilities
  • Strengthening childcare education programs and management capacities

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