Mattoon Foundation for Academic Excellence Fund

The Mattoon Foundation for Academic Excellence (MFAE) was established in 1994 with funding from Consolidated Communications’ Earning for Learning grant. Operating as an un-incorporated entity, MFAE became a component fund of Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation in 2005, rather than applying for independent 501(c)(3) status. MFAE was originally designed to support teachers in Mattoon CUSD #2 beyond the available budget of the school district. MFAE provided classrooms with supplies that were needed in the classroom, but lacked the long-term impact the district was striving to achieve.

In 2017, the Community Foundation convened school administrators, teachers and other community leaders to realign the mission of the fund and its programming to better reflect the school’s priority and vision of strengthening the relationships between the school, families and the community. This discussion led to two new grant opportunities: Family Engagement Mini-Grants and Community Engagement Grants. Research has shown that when families, schools and communities partner in promoting learning and healthy development for all children, schools thrive and student outcomes increase.

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