100 Women Who Care Jasper County

100 Women Who Care Jasper County

Our Mission

100 Women Who Care of Jasper County, a program of Southeastern Illinois Community Foundaiton, is a group of philanthropic women dedicated to making a positive impact on Jasper County. Members commit to donating $400* annually. The first $100 supports the Jasper County Community Endowment, a fund of Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation that will be used to serve future community needs for years to come. The remaining $300 is used to support the three nonprofits selected by the members throughout the year ($100 at each meeting). 

Members may make a one-time payment of $400 (or $200) to 100 Women Who Care Jasper County. We will put $100 into the Jasper County Community Endowment and issue checks to the selected organizations on your behalf!

*Members age 40 and under are eligible for a reduced cost membership ($50 membership dues; $50 each meeting for a total contribution of $200 annually).

Why should you become a member?

LOCAL IS IMPORTANT – You want 100% of your donations to go to a local charity in your community

LIMITED TIME BUT A BIG HEART – You may not have time in your busy life to volunteer but you do want to help those in need and can commit to 3 hours and $400 per year

TOGETHER WE ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS – You want to be part of a powerful group that makes a lasting, positive and direct impact on Jasper County

CONNECTING – You enjoy meeting other women who care about the local community and causes

When you are ready to become a member of 100 Women Who Care Jasper County, download our new member packet and return the membership commitment form and dues to our office. 

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