Michels Family Fund: Supporting Students in 2014

Originally published in Spanish in the Guatemalan newspaper, el quetzalteco Lunes.
Translation provided by Ivanova Oliva.

Association that gives scholarships to kids and grownups to change their future (published 3/17/14)

In a Restaurant placed on the zone 3 from Quetzaltenango, more than 30 students from the Program Arthur Michels and Family Foundation had a meeting with Arthur Michels (The benefactor), who helps kids and grownups to keep studying since 2004..

Ivanova Oliva (The Program Coordinator) explained that she looks for students with good averages and she looks for people with humanity. “ I do a socio-economic study, then I do an interview with the interested and his or her family and depending on it we select the students”, she told us that the next year one of the boys from the Program is getting graduated to be a Doctor. She said too that the students are fighting day a day to be someone in the future. While Michels said “I hope that someday they become professionals and they get to help others, because only helping each other the society will grow”.

The Program is working with students from: El Palmar, Colomba, San Carlos Sija, Cantel, Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan and Solola.

Top right: Arthur Michels next to the group of 2014 scholarships recipients.

Picture from El Quetzalteco by Maria José Longo.

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