Consolidated Communications grants $3,000 through community foundation endowment

Michael Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Consolidated Communications, recently announced the recipients of the Consolidated Communications Endowment for Economic Development at the Mattoon Area Community Foundation 2016 Hometown Event. Coles County ClassE and Coles County Habitat for Humanity each received a $1,500 grant.

ClassE is an entrepreneurial development class that aims to educate junior and senior students from high schools in Coles County about the opportunities and challenges of starting and running a new business venture. The grant will cover the costs needed to enhance the class’s mentor program and annual tradeshow as well as other class advancements.

(Pictured left, (L-R) Jeanne Dau, ClassE instructor, Ashley Pearcy, ClassE student and Michael Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Consolidated Communications)

Coles County Habitat for Humanity serves low to moderate income families living the in Coles County area. Historically, Coles County Habitat for Humanity creates one home each year for a qualified family but the board of directors would like to double its impact by creating or recycling two homes per year. Before this expansion can take place, the organization must increase its fundraising and marketing efforts. The grant funds will be used to create a diversified fundraising strategy and to development a comprehensive marketing plan. 

(Pictured right, Melissa McDaniel (left), Executive Director, Coles County Habitat for Humanity and Michael Smith (right), Chief Marketing Officer, Consolidated Communications

The Consolidated Communications Endowment for Economic Development and Leadership was developed to both recognize the good works of area non-profits and to provide incentive to achieve the fullest community potential. It provides financial support for leadership training and development for non-profit organizations in Coles County.