Help your clients

plan their legacy.

As a trusted financial advisor, you have the power to do great things for your clients. If you have a client who has expressed an interest in charitable giving, we want to help you through the process. The Community Foundation has the expertise and resources to help you fully develop your client’s philanthropic goals and potential. Professional advisors routinely contact us on behalf of their clients or direct their clients to us to explore their charitable intent. Based on what they wish to accomplish through their philanthropy, we review with them options to give wisely and effectively, whether through the Community Foundation or directly to other charitable organizations.

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation can assist you in helping your clients achieve their charitable objectives. This section of the website provides information on common questions we receive from professional advisors, our multiple manager investment strategy, the Community Foundation’s financial policies, estate and gift planning, and other information.

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation has received recognition for having organizational and financial practices that are in full compliance with National Standards for Community Foundations established by the Council on Foundations. Achievement of this recognition affirms our commitment to financial security, transparency, and accountability.